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thank you for checking out thesoulpick.com! <3. This webpage is a byproduct of the instagram blog @soulpick.

Soulpick exists to unify the soulful community by sharing, uplifting and connecting expressive/sensitive souls. The artists, musicians, poets, writers, photographers, creatives, soul seekers, naturists, advocates, healers of the world! This movement is both inspired and powered by YOU.

I hope you took the chance to check out our two video clips. If your curiosity about this mission has yet been satisfied-well I hope that you continue to read! I’m going to share my conceptualization of a “soulpick”, and the layered insights that motivated me to bring this vision to fruition.


What’s a Soulpick?

I’m always getting asked “what kind of pick is considered a #soulpick? Well, that’s a good question. It’s an entirely subjective process from start to finish that admittedly operates on my visual understanding of “soulful”. Generally, I look for clear/crisp photos of females connecting with nature or just serving that “it” factor that feels familiar; it emits this kind of kindrid spirit vibe.

The photos I pick are usually eye catching, creative/original & add something to the collective instagram feed. I pay attention to the rhythm of the feed and clusters of photos, so sometimes I won’t use a screenshotted photo until weeks later . Its kind of similar to quilting lol, each photo is a meaningful square representative of the whole quilt .

What’s the inspiration?

It all started out with a quest to discover souls that reflected the passions and interests of my close friends. I was moving away from home, and wanted to carry with me all of the inspirations and love they had given me, at least virtually.

Then I became somewhat obsessed (as i often tend to do) with collecting pictures of the expressive souls I admired so much, and realized that this could be something special.

A simple desire became a mission to unite, uplift and display primarily woman of color that maintain agency over their representation. You see, Soulpick is about presenting all kinds of souls, yet there is a subtle sociopolitical undertone to it.

Breaking it downnn

I became interested in observing how Instagram provided a platform for women to display themselves and Connect to audiences. For the first time since the dawn of humanity, women are creating these virtual outlets via social media to express themselves uncut and unfiltered by an outsider’s perspective. And for a women of color especially, this is huge.

What is she expressing? What is she choosing to convey?Is there an intended sentiment that accompanies this picture of her? And how does that register to her followers?How is this benefiting her soul?

The paradoxical sense of disconnect and connectedness of today’s society that Instagram seems to reflect via the choices of its users, is entirely fascinating to me. And those that are able to achieve the later, even more so.

Each user makes a choice about the themes and tones they are creating on their own individual profile. So what do you choose to do with yours? Do you uplift others with inspirational quotes?Do you use it to promote your artwork and visual talents?

I soulpick/ choose the users that choose to do something interesting yet humble with this platform. The ones that take the extra risk to be vulnerable, peeling back layers often to people they have never even met.

Two questions I ask myself often when evaluating the subjective success and growth of this grassroots page. How does this inspire? How does this heal?

Unifying and supporting one another’s journey is tantamount to collective healing & growth. That is whatI believe Soulpick has become, and I have no doubt that it will continue to evolve.

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